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Elemo Qiltu High School Nov 22-2019
Goro High School Nov 26 2019
High Schools Anti-HIV/AIDS Supporting Progam

Young people can make a difference in their schools and their communities. To ensure a bright future, young people are taking an active role in the fight against HIV/AIDS. The purpose of this program is to help  Anti-HIV/AIDS Awareness Clubs become active and strong by providing advice on club management and activity planning, as well as by providing ideas for club activities.

By giving basic information about HIV/AIDS and by creating support networks, AIDS Awareness Clubs can have a positive influence on young people. Participation in AIDS Awareness Clubs can empower young people to make responsible decisions about their sexual health so that they can avoid HIV infection. Activities can also help the club members to develop better communication skills so they can pass on information to their friends. Also important, AIDS Awareness Clubs can be very effective in spreading the HIV prevention message to all members of the school and community through their respective mini medias.

The Adama HIV/AIDS Resource Center has so far organized and support  several anti HIV/AIDS club in Adama and ints surroundings.



In collaboration with Adama City Education Office, and Health Offcie, the Adama HIV/AIDS Resource Center conducted training for the coodinators of anti-HIV/AIDS clubs of high schools in Adama on 21  May 2022. The pupose of the training was indeed to strengthen their respective anti-HIV/AIDS clubs so that they can undertake the desire HIV awareness activites in their schools.




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